World No Tobacco Day is celebrated globally on the 31st May every year.

This year, Chinese smokers in NSW are encouraged to find a friend or buddy to support them during a 4 week quit smoking journey and join a competition for a chance to win a holiday and most importantly to be smoke free.

Research shows that China has approximately 350 million smokers. Of these, around 1 million people die each year from smoking related diseases. It is anticipated that this number will increase considerably over the comingdecades as the tobacco industry increasingly shifts its marketing to developing countries (Jiang & Beaudoin, 2016).

China consumes about 40% of the world’s cigarettes while Chinese male have a smoking rate of over 62%.  In Australia, the latest statistics of Cancer Institute NSW indicates that among the Chinese speaking communities, men have a smoking rate of over 20%, nearly 6% above that of national average.

To address this growing problem amongst the Chinese male smokers, the Chinese Australian Services Society (CASS) in partnership with the NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service with grant funding from Cancer Institute NSW has launched the ‘Quit & Win’ Campaign this World No Tobacco Day to help reduce the smoking rate of the Chinese community in NSW.

Studies indicate that most smokers will eventually quit on their own. However, smoking is very addictive and some smokers do need assistance stop smoking for good. Smokers receiving support from others is a key feature of the campaign.

Dr Bo Zhou, Chairperson for CASS said he is pleased to receive the Tobacco Control Grants from Cancer Institute NSW to assist smokers to quit smoking and maintain cessation.

“I hope that through the ‘Quit and Win’ Campaign, the Chinese community, especially men, will be more aware about the impact of smoking to their health and take appropriate action to quit smoking,” said Dr. Zhou.   

 “If the participant can stop smoking with the help of their supporter during the campaign period (4 weeks), the successful team will enter a lucky draw to potentially winning a 3-nights holiday within NSW for both the participant and support person.”

Ms Sam Shen, Senior Project Officer for the NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service said that the Chinese Quitline is available to help the Chinese smokers quit smoking.

“We know that quitting smoking is hard but this is the best decision anyone can make for their health and that is why we are encouraging smokers to contact the Chinese Quitline”.   

“Chinese Quitline advisors are available to provide them free and confidential support to help them developing a personal program to stop smoking,” said Ms Shen.

For help with your quit smoking journey, call the Chinese Quitline on 1300 7848 36 to speak with a professionally trained Chinese adviser.

To find out more about the Quit and Win competition, visit

Call the Quit & Win InfoLine on 0419 696 425 (Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm) or email

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