No. Participants should not use any tobacco products or non-prescribed nicotine products, such as hand-rolled cigarette, cigars, hookahs, electronic cigarettes, smoking pipes and smokeless products (chewing tobacco or snuff).

Yes, to be eligible for this competition, a participant should have smoked on a regular basis for more than 12 months. The participant needs to find a support person to form a team to join the competition.

No. All participants (includes smokers and support persons) have to be born before 1st of September 2000.

Congratulations, you have successfully quitted smoking! In this case, you can be a support person and encourage friends or relatives who are currently smoking to register for the 2018 Quit and Win Competition. The purpose of the ‘Quit and Win Competition’ is to encourage current smokers to make a commitment and to try quitting smoking for four weeks.  

No. We recommend you to register through the Quit and Win Website (www.quitandwin.com.au) or WeChat account (Account name: QuitandWin).

You can contact Quit and Win Info Line: 0419 696 425  (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm). Our staff speak Cantonese, Mandarin and English.

You can use Nicotine Replace Products under the advice of health professionals or Quitline advisors. We will conduct a smokerlyzer test at the end of the competition and the use of Nicotine Replace Product will not affect the result of the smokerlyzer test.

All participants will be qualified for the winning draw if they adhere to the rule of staying Smoke-free for four weeks during the competition period in September 2018. If a participant smokes any of tobacco products, include hand-rolled cigarettes, cigars, hookahs, electronic cigarette, smoking pipes, and/or smokeless products during this time, he or she will not be qualified for the winning draw.

The support person (Buddy) needs to assist and encourage the participants not to smoke during the competition period.

After we receive your completed registration form, we will contact you over the phone and you will be added to the Quit and Win WeChat support group (if you have a Wechat account). We will send out Newsletters and text messages to keep you up to date throughout the competition period. We will also contact you 12 months after the competition to follow up on your quit smoking attempt. In principle, we will contact you only if you supply us with permission to do so.

Regarding the health test, we will only conduct a smokerlyzer test on the final winner. We trust all participants to follow the instructions and rules.  We will not test all the participants.

According to the rules of the competition, any participants who stay smoke-free during October 1st to October 28th 2018 will have a chance to win the final prize. The winner will be chosen in a draw.

According to the rules and regulations, the organisers will conduct a draw at the end of October. The winner will be informed by telephone.

The list of winners will be announced on the Quit and Win website. We will also contact the winner individually and arrange for the collection of the prize.